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Anyone in Melbourne Australia know this guy?
If any of you have seen this guy, or know him, please let us know!!
This surveillance camera shot is from HIM´s last nights venue “170 Russell´s” dressing room. He stole a back bag containing irreplaceable items to us! 
Please help us and the police to catch this guy!

If you have any information contact HIM’s facebook page directly

source: HIM facebook

New Mission! Heartagrams Across the Americas

Show us your heartagram love! We want to see how creative you get on the streets. Print out some flyers and gather your friends to plaster you town (use your best judgment), drop them off at local businesses and record shorts (ask permission). You can also wear your HIM shirts, create a heartagram out of found objects, etc. and take a picture in famous locations (don’t deface property) and send them in. A winner will be picked at random to WIN A PAIR OF TICKETS TO A SHOW OF THEIR CHOICE.

*Remember to take pictures of your work and send in your reports

Submit your entry through the WIN TICKETS tab

Please note that this contest is only applicable to those who are able to attend the shows in the USA or South America and does not include travel. Deadline for this contest is February 28th.

Mission #5 – The Americas Tour

Downloadable Flyer for the US and South America 2014 Tour is available in the provided link

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