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Helldone Tickets

Tavastia-klubi & Semifinal, Helsinki
Mon 29.12.2014 - Wed 31.12.2014
Doors open 8:00 pm
Price from 63 €

Ticket limit: max 2 tickets per customer and per night
Tickets can be reserved through call center+358108431611, reservation time 2 days.

No reservations through website, only online purchases!

The tickets are personal. Tickets will be named at the time of purchase, and the identity of the ticket owner will be verified when entering the venue.

There will also be a limited amount of three day VIP passes from 253,50 €.

VIP  package includes:
- Laminated Helldone 2014 VIP pass and wristband with logo
- Early entry into VIP launce/balcony (incl VIP bar) 30 min before doors open to hall
- Numbered Helldone limited edition autographed collectible poster
- Helldone 2014 VIP festival t-shirt either Men: S - XXL or Girly: S - L (please choose the right size when buying the ticket)
- Helldone 2014 festival bag
- Glass of bubbly to celebrate New Year

VIP tickets can not be paid by Culture vouchers. Personal details of customers who have purchased a VIP ticket will be handed over to the event organizers for the purpose of sending out the VIP information.

Age limit: strictly 18 years and over only (no exception even accompanied by parents etc.)

Purchase tickets:

Helldone Festival 2014

Greetings from the Helldone HQ, loved ones! Very soon we will be able to announce the fruits of our summer labours. For the time being we can just state that…

There will be a Helldone Festival in 2014.

The dates will be Dec 29-31, and the festival will be held at the clubs Tavastia & Semifinal in Helsinki, Finland.

There will be great headliners, special guests and truly rare performances spread out over all three nights.

But most importantly, there will be the unique feeling of Helldone. Kindred spirits from all over the world gathered together in the heart of the Hellsinki winter to take a leap into the New Year.

More info to follow in a week’s time, Sep 1. See you then, stay safe!

Helldone Festival 2014

Terveisiä Helldonen toimistolta, ystävät hyvät! Olemme aivan tuota pikaa valmiita julkistamaan kesän aherruksemme hedelmät. Sen verran olemme kuitenkin täpinöissämme, että päätimme antaa snadisti osviittaa tulevasta jo nyt.

Helldone Festival tullaan järjestämään tänäkin vuonna.

Päivämäärät ovat 29.-31.12. ja tapahtumapaikkana toimii Helsingin legendaarinen klubikaksikko Tavastia ja Semifinal.

Sen voimme paljastaa, että kaikki festivaalin pääesiintyjät ovat oman toivomuslistamme ehdottomasta kärkipäästä. Tämän lisäksi jokaisena iltana on luvassa yllätysvieraita ja harvinaisia esityksiä.

Meidän mielestämme kaikki on juuri niin pitääkin olla, jotta ainutlaatuinen Helldonen henki saadaan päälle. Me olemme valmiita ottamaan vastaan teidät ja teidän sukulaissielunne ympäri maailman. Yhdessä pistämme vuoden 2014 pakettiin ja astumme uuteen aikaan.

Lisäinfoa on luvassa viikon päästä maanantaina 1.9. Pysykää kuul

source: Helldone Festival Facebook Page

The Rock Show - BBC Radio 1 with Ville Valo

  • May 12, 2014

  • Transcribed by realitydistortd

  • link to the audio:

  • Daniel P Carter:

    [talking about Sonisphere] … Playing their only UK show of the summer, HIM. We called up with Mr. Valo earlier today. So what have you been up to since last I spoke to you?

  • Ville Valo:

    Late February of this year we headed over to Australia to play a beautiful festival called Soundwave. They had like Rob Zombie and they had all the legends there and we did that for about a week and a half, two weeks. Then we flew over to North America and we toured the west coast first then the east coast – it was beautiful! We toured all of the House of Blueses around. Then we went, for the first time, Puerto Rico then toured Mexico to Argentina, Chile, and we went to Brazil as well. You know, all the ice cream and all the sun – all the things that kill Goths!

  • D:

    Yep! Have you done much of South America before this though?

  • V:

    No, never. We lost our virginities, sonically speaking, when it comes to HIM and South America, so yeah, we didn’t know what to expect and we’ve been getting tons of e-mails and tons of letters from there for many many years and we didn’t have the chance to go there before. It’s a bit of a hassle to go there since, you know, have to ship the musical gear from country to country – it always takes time and there’s always some hassle with the customs and that sort of stuff. But we were spared from any “super despair” so to speak. We were treated fairly well. The food was wonderful, the people were lovely and noisy and rowdy and everything you would want from the rockdom. It was amazing to be honest with you, it was brilliant. We just came back a few weeks back and we went to China for the first time, I’m not sure if you heard about that – our troubles in China.

  • D:


  • V:

    Yea, there’s a festival there called Strawberry Festival or whatever and we flew over to Shanghai for the first time to play a concert and nobody there spoke English, obviously, and there was a ton of people in the audience and about 20 minutes, the cops said we had to pull the plug because there were too many people at the festival and you know – it was a security risk. At the end of the day we were like, “oh well, thank god we got more day in Beijing and one more gig to go and we flew over to Beijing and went to play the gig, there was a terrible dust storm. It was so bad that it tore the roof off the festival stage off and it cancelled the whole gig! We flew all the way to China for the first time, we ended up playing 25 minutes which was like 5 songs, and the whole trip took 5 days, so it’s like 1 song per day.

  • D:

    Well that’s a fairly good ratio!

  • V:

    Yeah! For a song, I guess – like Gun ‘n Roses. But it’s a sad thing; we’re trying to make up that whole incident. It wasn’t our hands, obviously, but we’re trying to go back later this year to do some club gigs, hopefully indoor ones that would be great to be on the safe side of things because we clearly offended the Gods - the ancient gods of China.

  • D:

    Yeah, that would annoy mother nature.

  • V:

    Yeah, so that was a bit of a hassle. So yeah, now we have to go back directly to the rehearsal place to make sure our rock and roll muscles are still intact for our trip over to the UK in a few of months.

  • D:

    Amazing! I’m looking forward to it! And it’s going to be your only show here at Sonisphere?

  • V:

    Yeah! It will be, it will be. Thankfully enough, I was actually hoping we would be able to play that particular festival because you know - the area is fairly historic and it’s the anthology of rock and roll for the Isle of the Brits. And then the whole line-up is really good and I don’t know what happened, maybe we prayed, for once, to the right Gods and we got the offer about a week and a half ago, and so obviously we jumped on it and said “yes yes yes, we definitely want to be a part of it,” because not only for ourselves but as fans.

  • D:

    Well. I will see you in July. Take Care! Alright, mate.

  • V:

    Alright. Hail Satan! Bye bye!

  • D:

    See you later!

HIM has just been added to Sonisphere Apollo stage on the Friday. 

Along with Anthrax doing a sneaky set playing Among The Living, Comeback KidSweet SavageOctober FileEureka MachinesThe BotsStraight LinesZico Chain Black Dogs, Love Zombies, Stormzone, Shrine, Rival State, The Wild Lies, The Raven Age, Empire Kill.

HIM: "Tuhansia maileja matkustettiin ja viisi biisiä on saatu soittaa"

Translation via Google Translate;

Weekend in the Chinese capital Beijing held an open-air festival, which was the headliner metal band HIM. The expectations were high. HIM performed for the first time in China.

With the popularity of HIM was the hottest part of the millennium, only a few western band performing visited China. The Chinese government took a dim view of music festivals. Rock was a vicious and politically dubious.

Now, the festival will see dozens of the Chinese as well as foreign bands. In the past, the general policy of hidden messages have been left commercialism.

China’s growing market for popular music, attracting foreign artists. From Finland, China has toured more than 70 popular music performers.

Sand storm prevented the rise HIM on the stage

HIM started the tour in Shanghai, China on May Day. Everything is there gone just as planned.

- Here is the communication was difficult, a vegetarian, and musician. Not knowing what gets on his plate, and how short or long the gigs are. Shanghai was pulled off the electricity.Weather was supposed to call, but only 25 minutes were to be and then we were driven off the stage, HIM frontman Ville Valo says.

Saturday Sella Beijing Strawberry Festival went even worse. Mongolian desert sand in the May Like blowing sand storm became stronger, surprisingly so hard that the roof came off the festival stage.

The keynote gig was canceled completely for safety reasons.

Tour bus band annoyed.

- Thousands of miles traveled is here and has been played 5 songs and 25 minutes. Thank goodness the hotel has a bar. Yes, it will drop the lens still coming, light thought.

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